Do you want to play the game with endless possibilities?

A magical game played with your surrounding?

Get beeswax and start playing.

Here will be a video soon.

Pick your mission

Start playing. You can share your card or save it on your phone. For multiplayer for example. Just tap long on the card. Or right-click. 


Beeswax. And whatever you feel like combining with it.

We recommend sticks for a great start.

And show you how to make it. 


There are a lot of different ways how to create a different food experiences with the game.

Can you invent your own? Share with #ccfood

Create a carddeck

With this easy carddeck template on you can just drag and drop your saved cards into the boxes. You have room for 9 cards. You can make your own favourite gamecards, print them and add them to the game. Or give it to someone.

We made an example for you, that you can happily use. Here link. This is why it looks shitty now. And another picture. This is just an example.


Do you like the game? Lets make an amazing app out of it! And bring the players together. 

For a better game experience: Support the first explorers. So we can keep innovating